With our intelligent anti-fraud system, you will never worry about fraud again.
A set of rules, conditions and scoring filters provides unique protection
from theft and fraud.

The scoring risk
assessment system

The automatic control system, which allows to most accurately assign a probability of threat to each specific transaction, indicating its risk level (in points) during this operation.

Smart filters

The system makes it easy to assign a filter of any risk level and achieve a maximum positive capacity, as well as to minimize the risk of chargebacks. All that leads to increase in profits.

Manual monitoring system

The system which enables to visualize and monitor any suspicious, unusual, abnormal operations / actions and quickly identify fraudulent and questionable transactions.



Preventive detection and blocking of fraudulent transactions on cards data entry stage.

Potentially hazardous transactions are forced to the 3DS authentication.


SSL-encryption usage for user data protection during data transmission and secure connection to the web server.

Filters and white/black lists


Individual traffic filtering settings for the most demanding partners.


Classical filters, suitable for most companies in service industry.


Lists of reliable clients allows regular customers to forget about any problems with the payment.

Specially for e-travel

We can offer a solution unique for e-commerce market for e-Travel businesses. Due to the accumulated experience, analysis of tens of thousands of fraudulent transactions and elaboration of fine filters we are confidently working with the major e-travel players. We are confident in how to work without 3DS authentication in order to raise the conversion, which is as a result between 92 and 95 percent for our existing clients.

There is no way to hide from us!

Our fraud monitoring system allows identifying customers who hide their
location by masking IP servers and by using special browsers

Online monitoring is carried out
by the Security department

Of frodulent transactions are being prevented
by our fraud monitoring system.


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